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BMW e90 M3 LSL - Wheel and Tire

The E90 M3 was presented with 220 Style 19" wheels which featured a machined face and a 10 spoke design. The Fuchs-manufactured design fits the platform very well, but they are heavy at 29lbs and a bit narrow.

Commonly underestimated - the wheel and tire combo massively affects performance of a chassis. Low rotating mass, good grip and wheel rigidity is essential. 

A forged wheel is a must and I went looking for something in the 18" range. I really liked the Style 219 wheels in that gunmetal color with the concativity and spoke design, but they are still a bit conservative on widths. Combing through the usual offerings I stumbled across the Titan7 brand via EAS. The manufacturing specs were very good as well as the price point. My usual go-to would be the Apex wheels, as they are a staple and I've owned a set before, great wheels to daily on and not worry about. As with the day-job - we try to stay on top of new brands, tech and offerings. The people behind Titan7 have a vast history in the industry and track record. The products resonated with my own standards for detail, design and execution. My other choice would've been the Bimmerworld wheels, but I wanted to deviate from the classic design some. Ill be looking to pick up a set of 18x10 for a square track setup, but for now the 18x9.5 and x10.5 fitment is just right. The wheels are designed for the platform so no spacers are needed and they are light at about 19lbs each. (also easy to clean!)

The tires for a daily application were a no-brainer - Michelin. I opted for the PSS tires because at the time the PS4S was not available for the front size of 265/35R18 (rear is 285/35R18). In my mind - these PSS tires are a gold standard with great wet/dry condition and cornering performance. The car sees a 70 mile daily commute and they maintain a level of comfort and holding their ground when called upon.