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BMW e90 M3 LSL - Refresh

Primary concern was the engine and its health. Oil analysis of what was inside when purchased was perfect, and now, about 5 oil changes later, its still consistently clean with no sign of excessive wear. The actuators were slowly failing and I replaced those with new units. All else on the engine is clean, with no leaks or issues.

I serviced the vehicle fully with new Motul engine oil (Xcess 10w60) and now most recently with Torco SR-5R with which it runs great. Have yet to do an oil test with the Torco, but seeing how it performs in the Porsche engines - I don't think there is much to worry about, especially with its MPZ chemistry.

Replaced the differential fluid with Motul and had a full DCT flush, filter and pan refresh done by the experts at Performance Technic when I visited the Bay Area along with a full alignment check.

Installed new plugs, cabin filters and new engine air filter on the pre-existing AFE intake as well. Suspension showed normal wear and tear and is slated for upgraded anyway. Brakes were worn out and I just recently overhauled the whole setup.

The felt undertray thing was pretty beat up and was missing one side. It seemed only logical to go with a metal unit and I opted for the Turner part. Very strong unit thats well designed and rigidly mounts to the bottom of the car. I've now scraped it a few times, but it holds up well.

The car is driven 70ish miles a day and runs like clockwork. Only major things left would be a coolant flush (with a cooling system upgrade) and power steering flush. Need to get the GTS DCT calibration done as well.

A full paint correction and ceramic pro treatment was completed by Polished Detail in Orange County which brought the Silverstone paint back to showroom look along with a deep shine. All the gloss black elements are back to new as well. Being skeptical at first - the ceramic pro layers really do wonders for keeping the LA dust and elements from sticking to the surface. A quick wash every week or two is a much easier affair with the right soaps. The wheels got a treatment too and its night and day with keeping them free of brake dust. 

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