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Perfect Start. Ästhetik, Petrolicious and good things to come.

Ästhetik was created to be a creative outlet, to apply design and to keep a boutique brand that doesn't need to be scalable, have a distribution network and be constantly crosschecked by the bean counters. (www.auto-asthetik.com)

Nick Caron and I came together on this with the same mindset and expectation. Our first product is a door handle for the E30 generation of BMW 3-Series and it goes against what would be considered a reasonable part for cars that old. We had gone through various scenarios of how our brand would launch and how this first part would be received.

Needless to say - all of our expectations were surpassed. Igor at CAtuned was kind enough to help us hit the ground running, our instagram content is well received and Ted Gushue was generous to get our creation featured on Petrolicious.

Everything came together so well. We are now looking to maintain some of that momentum and bring forth new products in the same spirit. We hope they will be just as well received. In the meantime - thank you to all that helped and supported us though it.

Here is the link to the Petrolicious article: