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Consulting Life. Interview with GrabCAD

To make the most of limited resources it is always good to be aware of emerging technologies and systems to potentially help streamline work flow. CAD software, file management, 3D printing software and anything else related that is going through a lot of changes. Cloud computing and cloud storage solutions are more powerful than ever before. Generally speaking, the usual industry leaders take time to adapt which gives smaller entities a narrow opportunity to bring to market something new and truly innovative. 

GrabCad was one of those companies that offered a set of services that I think will help shape how CAD files are managed, stored and printed. I have been a long time user of the GrabCad libraries, built up by fellow CAD users and I've started to try and incorporate GrabCAD Workbench as a PDM alternative. 

The latest addition is GrabCAD Print, which I have implemented over at 034Motorsport. The standard, outdated software that worked with their Stratasys Dimension printer did the job, but was cumbersome and old. Since GrabCAD print is partnered with Stratasys - they have perfect support for these printers. Its intuitive and easy to use and I like seeing how far along the printer is or if it ran run out of material and needs reloading.

The team at GrabCAD reached out to talk about what I do, consulting and technology and did a small interview blog post. I look forward to seeing what other products and updates they have in the pipeline so hopefully we will have more conversations about how their software helps us CAD designers think outside the bounding box.

Link to article: http://blog.grabcad.com/blog/2017/02/13/start-engineering-consulting-business-little-help-3d-printing-grabcad/